Dealing With Campers

Dealing With Campers

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Slowly But Surely!!

I’m starting to get to grips with this game.  Slowly but surely.  For me to get anyway good, playing just one or two games doesn’t work.  I really didn’t get the way you can select different soldiers.  From what I can see is that if you rank up with one soldier, it doesn’t carry over to your other soldier’s.  I’m still not fully familiar with the maps, it shows how big they really are.  I’m thinking of just packing in Call of Duty and just sticking to Fifa14.  It’s a lot let stressful and easier to win games.  Maybe I just need to stick with it, and try to stay calm. BUT, and this is a big one. I talked about n00b tubes in my last post, but after not playing CoD for a few months, I completely forgot about the most annoying thing. CAMPERS!!!! I HATE CAMPERS….I mean, why buy a game to go along and just sit in the corner?? I had though the game developers had fixed this annoyance of the game?? Starting to get a bit of a killstreak going, then, BOOM….some little nipper takes you down after sitting there for a few minutes. I liked the way in the first Black Ops, it seemed that camping was a lot more challenging, it was a matter of covering at least two places, maybe even three places at once. This made it pretty hard, so not many people managed to literally sit in a corner for longer that twenty seconds. So please, whoever is developing the next CoD series, please try an reiterate from tyhe first Black Ops……Thanking you in advance ;-).  

Start off, is bad!

The new multiplayer maps are pretty big.  It’s hard enough to get to know them without making them MASSIVE.  I’v the game almost a full week now and still haven’t memorised them at all.  When you don’t know maps it means you lose a life a lot easier because people just seem to appear out of nowhere.  Usually something that can be that hard would want to make you quit and give up.  There’s just something about Call of Duty that makes you want to push past that point to get better.  When you eventually learn the maps and the usually area where people ‘pop’ out from it makes it much easier to raise up your kill to death ratio.  At the start, my first game I only reached 4 kills to 10 deaths.  Pretty pathetic really.  It’s one of those games where you need to be IN THE ZONE, for you to get anywhere over 15 kills.  I tend to play Team Deathmatch.  A team of 6on6.  First to 75 kills, wins.  I’m more of a Run and Gun type of player.  Camping can be ok if I’m a kill away from a killstreak, other than that it’s boring.  You will come across the odd few players that will just sit in a corner for the whole game waiting for people to come around the corner and then…..bang!!! It’s one of the most annoying parts of playing Call of Duty.  That and N00b-tubes!!! OMG they are the worst, where players run around with a grenade launcher and can kill you from across the map.  No skill involved, just aim and shoot.  I’m hoping over the next week I can learn off the maps and start to get more kills and less deaths.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

I couldn’t wait until Christmas.  All the adverts for Call of Duty have been imprinted so much n my brain, I just couldn’t wait.  Initially I was to get it as part of my present.  But hey..that’s the power of advertising.  Mainly Iv bought it just for the online gameplay, but I may give the campaign a go seeing as this model of the game is a complete revamp of previous Call of Duty franchises.  Walking out from the shop with the game for the first time really does take my back to as if I was 10 years old again.  It is a bit of an nuisance the way it is released so close to when Fifa was, as the way you get so far in a game…a new one is released and then you completely neglect the first one just because “something better comes along”.  It can be societies way really.  On first look at the multiplayer it’s hard to say much about it.  Im so out of practise, you’d swear I have never even played this type of game.  Call of Duty is a game you need to be playing fairly regularly.  It will definitely take me a good day or two to get back into the swing.  Im certainly liking it so far anyways.